Xbox 360 SMC Error: 0022


CPU did not send GetPowerUpCause to SMC

This means the CPU did not handshake with the SMC to get the real time clock info
If the RROD takes about 27 seconds to appear, it is most likely a software issue (CPU Key or LDV mismatch)

  1. Undo Bad Writes
    • If you had a bad flash/failed update on the NAND, this could be why you have 0022 now
    • If you wrote to the NAND, it could be a mismatch of the CPU Key or LDVs in the NAND image
    • In either case:
      • Boot XeLL to grab the CPU Key and LDVs and rebuild the image

  2. CPU Reset
    • CPU_RST_N must go high in order for the CPU to run
    • It is controlled by the Southbridge
    • Check that CPU_RST_N goes high (1.2-1.8V):
      • Phat: R7R4 both sides
        • If one side is missing signal, check R7R4: 3.92K Ohms
      • Trinity: FT4R2
      • Corona: FT3T10
    • If missing signal, replace Southbridge:
      • Phat: U2C1
      • Slim: U3D1

  3. CPU Clock
    • Check that ANA_CLK_OE goes high (3.3V):
      • Phat: FT2P4
      • Trinity: FT3R13
      • Corona: Skip this step, signal not present
      • If missing signal, replace Southbridge:
        • Phat: U2C1
        • Slim: U3D1
    • Check junction between the sets of 33 and 49.9 Ohm resistors for proper 100 MHz differential clock
    • If bad/missing signal, check the values of the resistors as follows:
      • Xenon:
        • Check R3C11 and R3C12: 33 Ohms
        • Check R3C17 and R3C18: 49.9 Ohms
      • Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper:
        • Check R4C11 and R4C12: 33 Ohms
        • Check R4C9 and R4C10: 49.9 Ohms
      • Trinity:
        • Check R3C5 and R3C6: 33 Ohms
        • Check R3C9 and R3C10: 49.9 Ohms
      • Corona:
        • Check R3D6 and R3D8: 33 Ohms
        • Check R3D7 and R3D9: 49.9 Ohms
    • If still bad/missing clock signal, replace clockgen chip:
      • Xenon: Cypress CY28517 U3B4
      • Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper: HANA U4C2
      • Trinity: HANA U3B1
      • Corona: Southbridge U3D1

  4. CPU PLL Bypass
    • CPU_PLL_BYPASS is part of the CPU's clock multipliers
    • If circuit not correct, CPU might get stuck slow and never speed up resulting in handshake taking FAR too long
    • Commonly damaged by poor soldering skills
    • Phat:
      • Check R7R17: 10K Ohms
      • Check connection from north side of resistor to the unlabeled CPU_PLL_BYPASS pad/via immediately above
      • Check that CPU_PLL_BYPASS is not shorted to ground
        • If it is, the CPU U7D1 is faulty and must be replaced:
    • Slim:
      • Circuit is internal to the CPU and is different to the phat model
      • Due to being inside the CPU, this circuit cannot be serviced
      • Continue to the next step

  5. CPU
    • If all else fails, CPU is bad and must be replaced:
      • Phat: U7D1
      • Slim: U5E1