Octal's Xbox 360 Error Database: 0022


CPU did not send GetPowerUpCause to SMC
If the RROD takes about 27 seconds to appear, it is most likely CPU Key or LDV mismatch (or damaged PLL pad/trace).

  1. Undo Bad Writes
    • If you did not write to the NAND, ignore this step.
    • If you had a bad flash on the NAND, this could be why you have 0022 now.
    • It could be a mismatch of the CPU Key or LDVs in the NAND image. If you changed these, boot XeLL and grab the correct ones.

  2. CPU_RST_N
    • Check that SMC releases CPU_RST_N
    • Phat: J8C1 pin 2 (Check R8C2: 1K Ohms).
    • Trinity: FT4R2 (Check R4D4: 1K Ohms).
    • Corona: R4P5 pin further from hole.
    • If not released, replace Southbridge U2C1 (Phat) or U3D1 (Slim).

  3. CPU Clock
    • Xenon:
      • Check R3C11 and R3C12: 33 Ohms.
      • Check R3C17 and R3C18: 49.9 Ohms.
    • HDMI Phat:
      • Check R4C11 and R4C12: 33 Ohms.
      • Check R4C9 and R4C10: 49.9 Ohms.
    • Trinity:
      • Check R3C5 and R3C6: 33 Ohms.
      • Check R3C9 and R3C10: 49.9 Ohms.
    • Corona:
      • Check R3D3 and R3D5: 33 Ohms.
      • Check R3D4 and R3D14: 49.9 Ohms.
    • Check junction between the sets of 33 and 49.9 Ohm resistors for proper 100MHz differential clock.
    • If bad/missing clock signal:
      • Xenon: Replace ANA_BCKUP U3B4.
      • HDMI Phat: Replace HANA U4C2.
      • Trinity: Replace HANA U3B1.
      • Corona: Replace Southbridge U3D1.

  4. CPU_PLL_BYPASS - Phat
    • Location of this circuit is as of now unknown on Slims - so it is unlikely to be damaged.
    • Check R7R17: 10K Ohms.
    • Check connection from north side of resistor to CPU_PLL_BYPASS pad/via immediately above.
    • Check that CPU_PLL_BYPASS is not shorted to ground. If it is, replace CPU U7D1 (Phat) or U5E1 (Slim).

  5. CPU
    • If all else fails, replace CPU U7D1 (Phat) or U5E1 (Slim).